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Stages Involved in The Divorce Process.

Couples in marriages that face irresolvable issues can opt for a divorce. For a divorce to be official some steps have to be followed as required by the law. Filing a petition commences the divorce process for any party that is no longer interested in the marriage. The petition mainly has information required by a state for the divorce. This provision of information that serves as content of the petition is normally done with the help of a legal professional.

The next stage involves requesting of temporary orders. The divorce process takes a considerable amount of time that may seem to long for some couples or spouses in a marriage. This process may cause unemployed parties to face deprivation of upkeep from their spouses hence the need for assurance of upkeep. A court is able to issue temporary orders to ensure the applicants concerns are addressed.

The following stage involves serving a spouse and waiting for his or her response. The service is for a document known as proof of service. Proof of service is proof that you have already acquired the qualities that enable you to issue a copy of the divorce petition to your spouse. This is to enable proceeding with the process. There are many options of doing this. The person served is supposed to show they received the petition in a formal manner. This reply is through a document whose content shows the spouse received the petition and is done within some period of time.

Some couples may face difficulty in coming to an agreement on some things. Completion of this stage is after some terms and issues have been agreed on by the couple. Due to the delicate state of such matters third parties may need to be brought. Being unbiased and listening to both parties is what helps the mediating party help the spouses to agree. Respective lawyers of these couples can also mediate these issues. The parties coming to an understanding helps the spouses come to an agreement.

The proceeding stage after this can be a divorce trial. This is after they fail to come to an agreement with the help of the mediators involved. During this type of a situation the court is given mandate by the rule of law to carry out a hearing. After listening to both parties the court makes a ruling on the diviorce. It is done by signing a document known as judgment of divorce. After this sign the marriage officially ends. This document also shows how the parenting of children will be done.